Training & Classes
Puppy Playschool
Good socialization and adequate exercise are extremely important in developing a
“well-rounded” pet. All dogs will benefit from our Dayschool...  The “good behavior” &  
“manners” training sessions, crate training time, as well as the supervised
socialization play period. Good manners and proper etiquette will be taught/expected at
all times! Limited enrollment - All dogs must be current on vaccinations.  Playschool is a
great way to help puppies learn house-training and manners while you work!
“Puppy Playschool” is held Monday through Friday... by Appointment Only. Dogs may be
dropped off between 7:00 and 9:00 am and picked up between 4:00 and 6:00 pm... Or,
later/earlier, with prior notification.  Ask about our Custom Training Programs - Basic
Obedience Skills, Pre-Agility, Problem Solving.

Puppy Starter Class
Start your puppy off right! Proper training and socialization, both human & canine, are
essential to developing a great dog! Puppy class introduces young dogs and their
owners to proper handling skills, shaping attention and foundation skills, building
confidence and/or handling exuberance, and much more. Puppies 8 weeks old to 8
months old may attend. Young puppies must be current on vaccinations for their age
and provide vaccination record.... Proof of Rabies vaccination required on all puppies
age 6 months and up.

Beginning Foundation Skills
Teach your dog the basic skills required for everyday life! Our Foundation Class will
refresh or introduce you and your dog to the basic commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come,
and Walking on a Loose Leash... As well as, ”Attention”, “Good Behavior”, ”Manners”
training and more!

Intermediate Class One & Two - Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog / Pre-Agility
Our intermediate level classes can turn your dog into a great pet... A Canine Good
Citizen or Therapy Dog! Improve on your attention and foundation training skills with a
variety of fun exercises. Class agenda to include better manners, walking on a loose
leash, greeting people & dogs politely, improved recalls, better & longer sit & down
stays, and much more! As a highlight… we will also introduce you and your dog to
agility, when time permits, by incorporating our pre-agility equipment of low jumps, the
tunnel, table, etc., to build confidence and have fun! Our goal is to help you own a Canine
Good Citizen, or at least have a dog that acts like one! The AKC Canine Good Citizen test
and Therapy Dog Certification will be offered periodically for those wishing to certify
their dogs.

Advanced Level: Proofing of Foundation Skills / Really Reliable
Recalls / Off Leash Control
Take your training to an advanced level! This class will work on developing on/off lead
control, heeling, attention, and improving the relationship with your dog. Students will
continue to build on foundation and intermediate level training, as well as, learn new
skills, such as working off leash, creating a reliable recall, more "formal" skills,
“proofing” distractions, achieving longer, more solid “stays”, etc.!

Beyond CGC… DGD (Darn Good Dog!)                                        
Take your training to an advanced level! This class will continue developing on/off lead
control, heeling, attention, and deepening your relationship with your dog. Students will
continue to improve foundation and intermediate level training as well as learn new
skills, such as working off leash, creating a reliable recall, “proofing” distractions,
achieving longer “stays”, agility fun, and more.
Take your training to an advanced level! This class will continue developing on/off lead
control, heeling, and attention. Dogs will continue foundation training as well as learn
new skills, such as advanced “heeling” movements, hand signals, retrieving, jumping
skills, and more. The exercises included in this level class are an excellent preparation
for Rally Obedience and Obedience Competition.

Obedience Competition Class
Enjoy training your dog? Put those Advanced Training Skills to work! Whether you ever
enter the show ring or not, training to competition level is fun and progresses the
dog/handler relationship to the highest levels. Already competing... or working on more
advanced titles, this class will put those advanced exercises together and get you
polished up for the show ring! All levels - Novice, Open, Utility - are invited to attend.
Enroll by session... OR, with prior (1 day) per class option (Email or call,

Conformation Handling
Prepare for the Conformation show ring - perfect for young dogs, Jr. Handlers,
newcomers to breed handling, and those getting ready for the next show! Practice in
“show ring” conditions; “Judge” will call ring procedures and patterns as one might
encounter in the breed ring. All attending dogs must have proof of vaccinations to enter
class - in hand or on file. Class is run with prior (1 day) per class (Email
or call, please).

Beginner Agility and Sequencing & Handling Skills classes are offered at our outdoor
agility training field, located in Snow Camp, NC. Beginner introduces full-size equipment
and builds on small sequences; the Sequencing class works on improving handler
skills, building distance skills, advanced handling, running courses, and more. Located
outside, in our lighted, fenced arena. Call or email for more information. Pre-requisite:
Intermediate level training (CGC) or with permission

Explore the world of tracking! Learn the incredible power of your dog’s nose!
The goal is to help your dog learn to follow a scented path, finding the article at the end.
Tracking is an informal, out of doors, activity  in which both dogs and handlers enjoy.
Contact us for more info

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