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Our Groomer, Amy Crawford, is experienced in grooming all ages
and breeds of dogs, Grooming is available Monday through Friday,
by appointment.
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Our specialty store offers a selection of dog-related items... Decorative and training collars,
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Other Services
                      with Liza Williams
Our board & train program is where the dog stays with Liza Williams, and works skills
requested by their owners... Generally, basic obedience and behavioral issues. Most dogs
live with Liza for the duration, becoming a part of her household, as well as traveling with
her to DTA for additional training.
Our 2-week program is generally runs $1250.00, our 3-week program $1800.00. We offer a
puppy lite (6 mo and younger) program for 2 weeks at $10
50.00, 3 at $1600.00. We do not
train with electronic collars unless the owner requests; we train with positive methods,
repetition, consistency, structure and leadership. At the end of our training session, Liza
meets with the owners, answering questions and offering instruction on the dog’s training
program. Follow-up consultations with Liza, are scheduled several days after the dog has
returned home; we want to make sure owners learn, as well as their dog!
We got our German Shorthaired Pointer, Lily after
years of research and searching.  We knew that this
breed required a great deal of exercise, but we were
not expecting her to be so head strong!  We took her
to Dogtown after hearing good things from one of
our friends.  Liza, our trainer, offered a six week
class that we attended with Lily.  It taught her (and
us) how to obey basic commands.  After that class
ended we wanted more!  We decided to take
advantage of their board and train program for two
weeks. It was well worth the time and a very
beneficial investment for our family.  Liza took Lily
and worked with her each day.  Lily came back to us
being able to sit, go down, wait at the door, walk on a
loose leash, ride in the car sitting down, and so much
more.  Not only did Liza help us with Lily, but she also
became an extended part of our family.  We would
recommend Dogtown to any one that is looking for
training for their dog.
Laura & Kirk Bivens
Having small children in our home  meant we needed a well-mannered family pet.
Puppy classes were great and really helped with socialization, but nothing can
compare to the change we saw after Gracie did three weeks of board and train with
Liza. We came back to a dog that no longer tried to jump on us, was eager to obey
commands, and was easy to walk on a leash. Having the private lessons with Liza
afterwards helped make sure we knew how to continue all these good behaviours.
I'm shocked that Liza could accomplish this with positive reinforcement and no
electric collar. We could never have achieved having such a well-mannered dog
without Liza's expertise. We cannot thank her enough!
Loren Stout
Our sweet Molly had been in our home 5 weeks before we were
scheduled to be away for family vacation in a non-pet friendly
resort.  I remember the trepidation I felt, knowing I would leave
our sweet puppy for 2 weeks.  I discussed with Molly’s breeder
options, and without hesitation she recommended I call you.  
Thankfully, I did.
As we made introductions, I immediately felt a sense of peace and
calmness that put me at perfect ease with my decision to leave
Molly in your care.   While we were away, you kept me up to date
with Molly’s progress and even sent pictures.  
I was so happy to see her at the end of the 2 weeks and remember
quite vividly, how beautifully she sat and waited for me to greet
her.  The care and time you devoted to my girl is greatly
I am not comfortable “boarding” Molly long term, I want her to
have the freedom to play, explore, socialize and be a puppy.  You
have provided that environment for Molly and even though we live
2 hours away, it is worth the travel to have Molly in such loving
Molly enjoys her “stays” with you, and I am so thankful we found
With much gratitude,
Gwen N. Butler
We had a rambunctious golden doodle puppy that we wanted to be
able to take out in public and be well behaved at home.  Roxy spent
two weeks In the board and train program working on specific
behaviors we wanted addressed.  We are very happy with the
results and would recommend Liza’s training to anyone looking for
an effective trainer.
Chris Caudle
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